The Queen’s Cartoonists have had write ups in the Wall Street Journal, The Queen’s Courier, and the Queen’s Law Review. They have also been mentioned on CBS Evening News, Business Insider, RAI TV (Italy), and NPR.

Chicago Tribune

Published by Chicago Tribune
If you watch — and only watch — cartoons, you're missing something. The Queen's Cartoonists will prove that when they perform cartoon music from the 1920s to the present day, on Saturday, Oct. 22 at the Prairie Center for the Arts in Schaumburg. Pianist and leader Joel Pierson formed the jazz band…
Myrna Petlicki

The Wall Street Journal

Joel Pierson has a message for concert hall and theater bookers: Who needs another string quartet, dance troupe or touring Broadway show when you can hire a jazz combo playing music from Bugs Bunny cartoons?  Mr. Pierson is the founder and keyboardist of the Queen’s Cartoonists, a six-man New…
Charles Passy

The Queens Courier

The Queen’s Cartoonists bring swing-era music, written for classic cartoons, to listenersA new band made up of Astoria and Jackson Heights residents is bringing a fresh, yet vintage, sound to the ears of audiences throughout the city.The Queen’s Cartoonists, made up of…
Angy Altamirano